Dalai Lama Fellows

Location: 1016 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 122 The Presidio San Francisco, CA 94129

Phone: (415)-874-9433

Site: http://www.dalailamafellows.org/


Our Vision and Mission

As the world becomes smaller, we are being urgently called to foster a spirit of coexistence and cooperation. The reality of the oneness of humankind has never felt so palpable given rising population, the proximity of different religions and cultures, technological innovation, our global economy, and climate change. We are actually in this together. 


The purpose of Dalai Lama Fellows is to respond to this call by fostering and developing mindful, compassionate, and ethical leaders in service of building a world that works for all of us. 


Over the last 5 years, we have done this through a Fellowship program authorized by the 14th Dalai Lama to cultivate a universal responsibility for one another and for the planet we share. To date, we have selected nearly 100 Fellows from 30 nationalities, half of whom are women.


Through this program, we provide funding for a Compassion-in-Action project, immersion in a yearlong ethical leadership curriculum, and personalized mentorship and coaching. An important aspect of this program is that, by design, we recruit Fellows that represent a diversity of religious, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds and weave the into a network. 


After a Fellow’s Project Year, they are invited into a lifelong learning community. We have allocated staff time and resources to continue engaging LifeLong Fellows around our core values and vision and to sustain a network where Fellows turn to one another for continued collaboration. 


Currently, due to demand to offer the curriculum outside a Fellowship context, and thinking about how to magnify the impact we’ve seen with our Fellows, we are examining how to offer the Dalai Lama Fellows experience in new contexts and to new audiences. 


Core Values

We embrace and advance three core values as we conduct our work.


Interdependence – We are connected and mutually dependent. We work in the interest of present and future generations.


Integrity – We strive to be wholly honest and to have consistent alignment between our values and actions.


Resilience – We meet challenges with optimism, ingenuity, and flexibility. We bounce back from adversity with grace.


“Humbition” (Humility + Ambition) – We leaven our ambition with humility, grounding positive social change in a context of respect for others and the recognition that to build a world for all we must live the questions rather than presuming the answers.


Image Title Summary End Date Goal


Image Title Summary End Date Goal
Discover the Power of Compassionate Leadership Discover the Power of Compassionate Leadership Learn about our Head, Heart and Hands Ethical Leadership ... 01/31/2016 at 12:00 AM (EST) $50,000.00
Leadership Is... Leadership Is... Join us in Redefining Leadership 07/31/2016 at 07:28 PM (EDT) $29,000.00
Reimagining Leadership Reimagining Leadership Dalai Lama Fellows cultivates and supports a global movem... 01/18/2017 at 10:43 PM (EST) $75,000.00
Fervently Asked Questions of 2017 Fervently Asked Questions of 2017 This year has brought more questions than answers for tho... 07/05/2017 at 03:00 PM (EDT) $25,000.00
Support our 2018 Assembly Support our 2018 Assembly In the summer of 2017 we began discussions with the Unive... 06/15/2018 at 07:11 PM (EDT) $25,000.00


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